White Coat Stethoscope

White Coat Stethoscope



 Dual head for listening to specific sounds with either side.

 Enhanced durability and ultra-sensitive acoustics.

 Thick-walled single tubing.

 Lifetime warranty.

 Not made with natural rubber latex.

 Also includes: LED Pen Pupil Gauge with lithium battery, hard case and accessory kit with name tag, 4 silicone ear tips, and membrane.

Completely handcrafted and enhanced for acoustics, White Coat’s Stethoscope is the first choice for doctors, nurses and medical students when it comes to auscultation procedures and proper diagnosis.

Our jet-black stethoscope is manufactured with thick-walled, single tubing for more clarity, less ear discomfort, and a dual-head, stainless-steel chestpiece to pick up even the most faint sounds during examinations. Use the diaphragm for high-frequency heart sounds and the bell for lower frequency lung sounds.